How to fix the error "AmazingSlider is damaged and can't be opened. You should move it to the Trash." on some Mac computers

We (Magic Hills Pty Ltd) are an identified Mac developer and the Amazing Slider/Carousel/Audio Player apps have been properly code signed. But for some unknown reason, on some Mac computers, after moving the app to the Applications folder, it does not launch and will throw the following error:

1. To fix the problem, navigate to Applications -> Utilities, double click and open Terminal. In Terminal, type the following command then enter your Mac password. This will disable the Mac gatekeeper.

sudo spctl --master-disable

2. In Applications folder, click and launch the Amazing Slider/Carousel/Audio Player app.

3. After the app is successfully opened, in Terminal, type the following command and enable the Mac gatekeeper again.

sudo spctl --master-enable

You only need to do the above procedure once. After that, the system will remember the app status.