Dynamically Initialising jQuery Slider


We have purchased the enterprise version today. Need you help with an issue.

We are trying to initialize the slider dynamically on a button click. In this case the content of a div are loaded as below on the button click and we want to initialize the slider after that. Can you please help in how to do that?


A demo for this question is at https://amazingslider.com/demo1/index.html.

To check the code, in Google Chrome, you can click menu View -> Developer -> View Source, and view the source code.

To dynamically initialise the slider after the page is loaded and in a button click, you can take the following steps:

1. In the head section code, remove the reference to initslider-1.js. It's because the slider is initialised in the JavaScript file initslider-1.js.

2. Define a JavaScript function initSlider in your webpage, and copy the code block jQuery("#amazingslider-1").amazingslider from initslider-1.js to this function. When copying the code, please make sure it's copied correctly and isn't broken.

In the code, amazingslider function call, there is a parameter jsfolder, which is the folder of the file amazingslider.js located. You need to replace the value to your own value. In our demo, we have change the code from:




It's because in our demo, the amazingslider.js file is located at https://amazingslider.com/demo1/sliderengine/amazingslider.js.

3. Call the function initSlider in the button onclick event:

<button id="initbutton" onclick="JavaScript:initSlider();">Initialise and display the slider</button>

Can not open saved project .amslider file


After working with your software (that it looks good) for almost 1 hour , I saved the project. When I open it it’s empty. I tried several times the same and it comes empty. But the file size is like 500 Kb.


One possible problem is that there are special characters in the image filenames.

Please only use A-Z, a-z, 0-9, underscore _ and dash - in the image and project filename.

Special characters, for example, accented letters, &, *, !, # will cause problems in the software and in the web browser.