Delay jQuery Slider Execution


I wonder is there a way to delay the execution of the Amazing Slider? I would like to display the slider 5 seconds after the page is loaded.


The application generates a file intslider-1.js inside the subfolder sliderengine. You can open the js file with your text editor, and wrap the call amazingslider with a setTimeout function.

The demo code is as following:

setTimeout(function() {
        textformat: {
}, 5000);

Copy HTML code on Mac


Hi, where is the code I am to paste into my web site? The generated slider.html is blank. I am using a Mac.


On Mac, if you directly open the slider.html with TextEdit, it will look blank.

It's because TextEdit on Mac is not a plain text editor or HTML editor. If you want to use TextEdit, you can follow this tutorial to make it as an HTML editor: Then you can use it to open the slider.html file and copy the HTML codes.

You can also download the freeware TextWrangler from Mac AppStore: It's a much better option.

Accented letters in image filenames of jQuery slider


Hi I have purchased the license for your product, one slider does not start on my website, however there are other sliders of the page that work. I am editing in dreamweaver.

Any idea what mistake I'm making?


There are two sliders on your webpage. I can see the smaller one works fine, but the bigger one does not.

The reason is because there are accented letters in the image filenames of the bigger slider.

To fix the problem of the bigger slider:

Only use numbers 0-9, letters a-z, A-Z, underscores _ and dashes - in the image and video filenames. Do NOT use space, !, &, # and accented letters in the image filenames, especially the accented letters. They will cause problems in some web browsers.

Firefox and HTML5 Video


Good Morning,

I downloaded the free version of AmazinSliders to test it. An I have noticed the following. When I have a video playing on the slider it works fine in all other browsers except Firefox. I started with version 30.0 and it only shows a black box where the video should be. I then updated Firefox to version 31.0 with the same results.

I was wondering if you guys are aware of that behavior and if so do you have a fix for it.


Firefox does not support mp4 as its HTML5 format.

If you only provide one mp4 format, the slider will use Flash to play mp4 on Firefox.

Please upload the slider files to your web server and test online. Flash video playing may not work when you directly open the file from local hard disk.

If you want to use HTML5 on Firefox, you need to provide an alternative WebM video. You can add the WebM video in the Add Slides dialog, "Add Video". You can use to convert your mp4 to webm format.

Amazing Slider License issue


I am a freelance we site designer an I am looking to purchase an image slide creator in order to speed up my work time on many clients websites. Would the slider product suit my needs? Also If one of my clients wanted to take his website elsewhere following my completion of work on his website including producing an image slider with the Amazing Slider software. Can I pass their website to another designer with the image slider code in it or do they need to purchase an additional licence?


Would the slider product suit my needs?

You can easily create image sliders with Amazing Slider. We offer free version which you can download at You can try it before deciding to upgrade to the commercial version. The comparison between the free version and commercial version is at:

Can I pass their website to another designer with the image slider code in it or do they need to purchase an additional licence?

Yes, you can pass the created slider code and files to other designers. But you can NOT pass the software itself.

Change the size of slider


I am about to purchase your excellent product.

My question, Can I make the size of the slider smaller? I have the size of the slides set at 160 x 120 and it looks too big.

I have many images that I want to put into the slider, do they have to be a specific size and resolution? In the program some of them appear not to fit the size or the quality looks very bad.

Looking forward to working with you.


In the software, Step 1, Add Slides dialog, you can change the width/height there.

When you add images to the slider, if your original image is smaller than the size of the slider, it will be stretched, and may not look good.

So, it's better your original images can be the same size or bigger than the slider.

Positioning the jQuery slider FeatureList style


I have used the FeatureList style.

In the software program the thumbnail images to the right of the main image can be clicked to skip to that image.

However once I have uploaded this to our website you cant click the thumbnails to skip to the corresponding image.


You need to change the margin value of the Amazing Slider div, leave some space for the right side carousel.

In your webpage, try to find the following HTML code:

In your webpage, find the following code:

<div class="slide-container">
<div id="amazingslider-1" style="display:block;position:relative;margin:16px auto 32px;">

Change it to (change marked by red):

<div class="slide-container">
<div id="amazingslider-1" style="display:block;position:relative;margin:16px 228px 32px 0px;">

In the above code, 228 is the width of the right side carousel.