Copy HTML code on Mac


Hi, where is the code I am to paste into my web site? The generated slider.html is blank. I am using a Mac.


On Mac, if you directly open the slider.html with TextEdit, it will look blank.

It’s because TextEdit on Mac is not a plain text editor or HTML editor. If you want to use TextEdit, you can follow this tutorial to make it as an HTML editor: Then you can use it to open the slider.html file and copy the HTML codes.

You can also download the freeware TextWrangler from Mac AppStore: It’s a much better option.

Image Quality in Responsive Slider


I am a registered member.

I have the image slider on my webpage.

The images displayed seem to be of less quality than the original picture used. I have attached one of the images that are have been used for you to compare.


In the application, Add Slides dialog, you have setup the size of the slider as 280 * 200. But on your webpage, the size of the slider is 333 * 238, that’s, bigger than the original size.

Since the slider is responsive, the images are stretched to 333 * 238.

To fix the problem, in the application, you can setup the slider size as 333 * 238 or a bigger size.

If you would like to disable the “responsive”, in the application, Step 4, Options dialog, uncheck the option “Create a responsive slider” (Version 3.2 and after) or “Support responsive web design” (Version 3.1 and before).

Cannot control the height and width of slider in website


I am using photoshop slices to create my website.

When I paste the amazing slider codes, the slices go all over the places. Can you tell me where I can control the height and the width of the amazing slider?

I am not a professional user and not an expert on scripting.

Amazing program by the way, makes the job a lot easier for lay users like myself.



Do you mean the jQuery slider extends itself to full width of your page?

To fix the problem:

1. Define the width and height of the slider in step 1, “Add Slides” dialog.

2. In Step 4, Options dialog, there is an option “Support responsive web design”, please uncheck this option. This option will be renamed as “Create a responsive slider” in next version.

How can I make a full screen slider?


I purchased your nice product. How can I make a full screen slider?


Do you mean “full width” or “full screen”?

If you mean “full width”, in Amazing Slider, step 4, Options dialog, there is an option “Support responsive web design”. Check this option, the the slider will be responsive, and will automatically fit its container. So if its container is full width, the slider will be full width. In “full width” mode, the slider will always maintain it’s aspect ratio.

If you mean “full screen”, the slider does not support it. We have a jQuery plugin product which can create a “full screen” gallery: The demo is here: and the tutorial is here: