Firefox and HTML5 Video


Good Morning,

I downloaded the free version of AmazinSliders to test it. An I have noticed the following. When I have a video playing on the slider it works fine in all other browsers except Firefox. I started with version 30.0 and it only shows a black box where the video should be. I then updated Firefox to version 31.0 with the same results.

I was wondering if you guys are aware of that behavior and if so do you have a fix for it.


Firefox does not support mp4 as its HTML5 format.

If you only provide one mp4 format, the slider will use Flash to play mp4 on Firefox.

Please upload the slider files to your web server and test online. Flash video playing may not work when you directly open the file from local hard disk.

If you want to use HTML5 on Firefox, you need to provide an alternative WebM video. You can add the WebM video in the Add Slides dialog, “Add Video”. You can use to convert your mp4 to webm format.