How to create a jQuery slider that works on pages of different folder levels


I created a JavaScript Slideshow with your slider maker, it works perfectly on the home page , but when I tried to embed it into another page, it does not work. I have copied the same HTML codes to this page.


By default, HTML codes created with Amazing Slider will use relative URL. The problem is, these two pages have different folder levels, so the relative URL in the two pages will go to different absolute URL and will cause problems.

If you would like the same jQuery slider works on pages of different folder levels, when creating the slider, you can choose to use the absolute URL format.

In the software, Publish dialog, Add absolute URL field, you can enter:

In this way, the software will add a prefix to all links in the HTML codes, then the slider will work no matter where you place it.

Some tips:

An absolute URL is a link address starting with http:// or https:// and the domain name. For example,

A relative URL is a link without the http://, https// and the domain name. For example: folder/slider.html.  It's an address relative to the current webpage address. The web browser will dynamically calculate its absolute value according to the URL address of the current webpage.