Install second photo slider in Joomla


I am testing the Amazing Slider. I have installed it as described in your FAQ: It is working perfectly as a video slide module {loadposition amazingslider1}.  Now I want to create a second slider (photos). I published it with the ID 2. But when I try to install it Joomla tells me that there is an uploading error with the file and that no installation package is found. So I copied the module in Joomla and defined a new position but that isn't working either.

Is it impossible to use amazingslider more than one time in a content (different content as the first one)? If not – what have I to do?


In Publish dialog, choose a different ID, then publish it as a Joomla module.

The new module will be an independent module, you can just install it like your first slider.

Your case seems like the second module was not installed correctly. It maybe because the generated module ZIP file is too large.

To install a module:

Login Site Administrator of your Joomla website, click menu Extensions -> Extensions Manager, choose the module ZIP file, then click the button Upload & Install.

If the ZIP file is too large, and it exceeds the Joomla limit, you can unzip the file, then upload the folder mod_amazingslider_ID to the Joomla website modules folder, then goto Extensions > Extension Manager > Discover, find the module and install it.