jQuery slider event and API


I’ve bought your company’s product.

My situation is I have two section which are video slide section and picture gallery section. Once video is selected, i want to show pictures which are related to the video. To do that, i need to know which video is selected. However, i don’t know where to get that in amazingslider.js

Could you please help?


You can hook the event amazingslider.switch of the video slider, then in the event handler, you can call the API of picture slider to switch to the specified image.

The code is like following:

   $("#amazingslider-1").bind("amazingslider.switch", function(event, previous, next){ 
       $("#amazingslider-2").data("object").slideRun(next, false);

In the above code, amazingslider-1 is the id of the video slider. amazingslider-2 is the id of the picture slider.