Copy HTML code on Mac


Hi, where is the code I am to paste into my web site? The generated slider.html is blank. I am using a Mac.


On Mac, if you directly open the slider.html with TextEdit, it will look blank.

It's because TextEdit on Mac is not a plain text editor or HTML editor. If you want to use TextEdit, you can follow this tutorial to make it as an HTML editor: Then you can use it to open the slider.html file and copy the HTML codes.

You can also download the freeware TextWrangler from Mac AppStore: It's a much better option.

Open web link when the slider is embedded in an iframe


I am embedding the slider to my webpage using an iframe:

<iframe width="1280" height ="720" src="" scrolling="no" border="0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

When I click the slider, the links open inside the iframe small box.


In the application, step 1, Add Slides dialog, when you assign the web link to an image, in the bottom Target, choose the value "_top".

In this way, the web link will be opened in the parent window, rather than inside the iframe.

Create jQuery Slider for Dreamweaver


I am in desperate need of something very similar to your amazing slider. I need to build a slider into a static dreamweaver page that shows thumbnails (different sizes) along with the bigger video player window on different slides.

1. Does amazing slider work only as a WordPress plugin or can I use it with dreamweaver? Have cs4.

2. Can I build different sliders that look like your demos, here?

3. Can I make these thumbnails slightly different sizes?


1. Yes. Amazing Slider works with Dreamweaver. You can view the tutorial here:

2. The demo is a skin in the software. In the software, step 2, Skins dialog, you can choose the skin Multirows.

3. You can change the thumbnail size in the application, Step 2, Skins dialog, Navigation tab.

Accented letters in image filenames of jQuery slider


Hi I have purchased the license for your product, one slider does not start on my website, however there are other sliders of the page that work. I am editing in dreamweaver.

Any idea what mistake I'm making?


There are two sliders on your webpage. I can see the smaller one works fine, but the bigger one does not.

The reason is because there are accented letters in the image filenames of the bigger slider.

To fix the problem of the bigger slider:

Only use numbers 0-9, letters a-z, A-Z, underscores _ and dashes - in the image and video filenames. Do NOT use space, !, &, # and accented letters in the image filenames, especially the accented letters. They will cause problems in some web browsers.